Launching of Unbeatable and Hairdepot (mini) Digital Vending Machine (Malaysia) in Collaboration with Visolux & AR Vending

In November 2020, Malaysia has set up the National Digital Economy and 4IR Council chaired by the Prime Minister to accelerate local capabilities in embracing digitalisation. MALAYSIA DIGITAL ECONOMY BLUEPRINT is a critical enabler in realising Twelfth Malaysia Plan, 2021-2025 (RMKe-12), as we work towards Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030 Malaysia defines digital economy as: The digital economy definition for Malaysia originates from research, analysis and engagement with various key stakeholders from the public and private sectors that involve the production anduse of digital technology byindividuals, businesses andgovernment. AR VENDING MALAYSIA be proud to introduce Digital Wallet Vending Machine cum M2O solution leading to roof all vending machine operator in Malaysia toward digitalisation.

In opening keynote address at the Malaysian Banking and Finance Summit 2021, Tengku Zafrul highlighted that e-wallet volume increased 89% to 468 million transactions as well as merchant participation for QR payments jumped 57% to one million registrations. Great collaboration with HairDepot Malaysia and Unbeatable Malaysia, we are launching Hairdepot Mini and Unbeatable PPE vending machine as create a business opportunity with low investment, low threshold, low risk, considerable return, easy and simple, no pressure to earn passive income, now Officially begin. Those who are interested in digital vending business oppotunities, please contact us to ask more details to have a better understanding of how it work. Those who are existing vending machine operator, please contact us to ask more detail on our AR Vending Digital wallet solution. Wish all of us BEING PROACTIVE WILL ENABLE MALAYSIA TO THRIVE IN THE DIGITAL ERA